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     Why use an Round Rock Apartment Locator?

                  In Short, we make it EASY!

The Round Rock apartment leasing agents fax and email us their SPECIALS MANY TIMES THROUGH OUT THE DAY, EVERY DAY, so we will bring them qualified clients looking for a great deal! The properties are happy to work with us because we make their job easier.

Maybe you are looking for a Move in Special , the First Month FREE, or maybe a really cool pool! What ever it is you want, we KNOW WHERE IT IS!

We have an online up to date data base that included ALL Apartments in the Round Rock and surrounding Austin Area, it only takes us MINUTES to narrow your Round Rock Apartment Search down to the top 5 properties!

The Round Rock area is a tough place to rent, many of our clients are surprised to find this out on their own, usually after they lost an application fee or two. Owing a property money for any reason (whether you didn't give notice, just moved out even WITH good cause, didn't clean apartment or any other reason is viewed the same as a broken lease, but not quite as bad as an eviction) will make your search WITHOUT a locator, almost impossible.

Maybe you are new to the Round Rock area but dont have a job yet, WE CAN HELP! No, not woth the job, unless you want to be an Apartment Locator, but we canlet you know all your options. Usually a job IS required for renting and apartments, but
sometimes there is a way around that, so call us and find out more!

Bad credit is another challenge (bankruptcy - chapter 7 or chapter 13)  that we will be happy to help you overcome!  We  can help you with the qualifying criteria as well, most apartments require "3 times the rent" for your gross monthly income (before taxes or deductions are taken out of your check), some properties (affordable housing which also accepts section 8 ) require as little as "2 to 2 1/2 times" your monthly gross income. A few properties (that accept a broken lease or eviction) require "4 times the rent" for your gross monthly income.

                          There are many reasons to use an Apartment Locator

In short it is OUR JOB to know almost everything sbout every apartment in the area, you wont get that is some book.

             We know the Apartments and the Apartments know us, its that simple.

Do you need a few more reasons? Call (512) 293-5483 and let us and our computerized data base sort through thousands of apartments to find you that special one that is calling your name! You thought you picked the apartment did you? When you find the right one, you will hear it calling you!

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